Equipment Details

AVP – Vertical Ladle Heater

AVP was designed to heat molten metal ladles effectively and efficiently. Effective because it preheats the refractory evenly, maintaining your ideal temperature setting even if the heating time is exceeded. Efficient since this heating is done with high energy efficiency, ensuring low gas consumption. The AVP-S has the advantage of being used for heating and also sintering of refractory, as it includes a temperature control system with ramps and soakings, in addition to providing more refined power application.


  • Reduces heating time: energy distributed homogeneously and efficiently at high density allows extremely fast heating; 
  • When compared with traditional systems, times are reduced in half; 
  • Increases the refractory durability: the hot spots created from traditional direct flame systems, as well as cold parts, are completely eliminated. The temperature control system ensures that the refractory temperature is always appropriate; 
  • Reduced operating costs: up to 70% fuel savings due to high heat transfer rate and reduced thermal losses;
  • Reduction of up to 70% in the emission of greenhouse gases (CO2);
  • Operational safety as it meets all applicable standards, including automatic starting and constant flame supervision;
  • Return on investment less than 1 year in most cases. 


The main components of this machine are:

  • Mechanical drive system: through motion transmission zone;
  • Refractory lid: designed to cap the pot, house the burner and the chimney;
  • Gas Burner: High efficiency, with direct start through the spark plug and supervision of constant flame;
  • Gas Control System: valves that control the flow of gas according to the desired temperature;
  • Gas Train: filtering, regulating, blocking and gas monitoring system according to NBR 12313;
  • Combustion fan: with air filter and pressure switch;
  • Tube diffuser: directed heat flow to achieve the highest possible heat transfer (limited to some applications);
  • Electrical panel and control: easy to use HMI, allowing you to control the start and monitoring of combustion, current and desired temperature descent and ascent of the cover system.


Pans for transporting metals or liquid alloys such as steel, iron, aluminum, bronze, copper, etc. 


AVP-S has the advantage as it can be used for heating and also REFRACTORY SINTERING, since it has a temperature control system with ramps and levels, as well as a more refined power control system. 

Updated date: 06/12/2019