Equipment Details

TEL – Transportable Electric Ladle

TEL incorporates heating elements, directly embedded into the refractory wall. This silicon carbide monolithic refractory is very durable. The insulating system, behind the refractory, is assembled with high performance materials that work as a freeze plane barrier as well as ensuring a low shell temperature (<80⁰C).

Smaller TELs, for short distance transportation, are connected to a control panel where temperature is controlled. They are disconnected to transport the metal and reconnected after pouring. The Model XL, available for small TELs, has wireless communication to the panel, allowing temperature monitoring, even during transport.

Larger TELs are connected to a diesel power generator installed on the truck; therefore the time and range of the transportation are only limited by diesel availability. An embedded GPS tracker, in the XL model for larger TELs, allows both the supplier and customer to check ladle temperatures and location via Internet.  A memory card in the control panel records the real time data in order to create a continuous historical log.


This innovative equipment presents the following benefits:

HIGHER METALLIC YIELD (lower metal oxidation): as the ladle is ever hot, it is not necessary to over heat the molten bath, reason of higher oxidation;

NO METAL TEMPERATURE LOSS: Wall losses are offset by heating elements directly embedded into the refractory wall;

LESS DEGASSING NEED: Molten aluminum absorbs much less hydrogen due to the lower temperature of the melting furnace and lower gas availability;

TEMPERATURE GAIN POSSIBILITY: as the losses are minimized, available power input allows temperature gain of the transported molten metal;

SAFETY: Operator is not exposed to high temperatures of outer shell and bath;


Feature Unit TEL400 TEL5500 TEL13600
Transportation  - Fork Lift/Crane Truck Truck
Operating Temperature ºC (ºF) 760 (1400)
Cold Face Temperature ºC (ºF) 50-80 (122-176)
Capacity  t Al 0,4 5,5  13,6
Diameter mm - 2200 2375
Length  mm 1250 - -
Width  mm  1350 -  -
Height mm 950 2400  2500
Maximum Input kW  24  56 83
Required Power  kWh/h  6  18  26
Voltage  VCA 380
Phases  -  3
Control  - PID Dual-Loop Cascade
Communication  -  Optional  Modbus, RS485  Modbus, RS485
Net Weight t 1,2 8,0 10,5
Updated date: 06/13/2015