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TERMIA and Apogee Technology enter into tech agreement

  • Date: 05/09/2012

TERMIA and Apogee Technology, Inc. announced that they have entered into an agreement involving Apogee’s conduction heated wall product line including Conductive Trough (CT) heated launder and heated molten aluminum holding vessels. This new relationship will allow TERMIA to utilize Apogee’s conduction heated components in the manufacturing of holding furnace and launder components represented by Perfil Térmico in Brazil.

Apogee Technology, Inc., headquartered in Verona, Pennsylvania, was founded in July 1993 to develop advanced, game changing molten aluminum processing technology. Among Apogee’s first innovations were master alloy rod feeders and the highly successful REVROT™ Process, a technology for removing impurities from molten aluminum.

Apogee Technology has developed an advanced heating technology for its metal treatment systems that employs sub-surface heating. These efforts expanded into the Isothermal Melting Process (ITM), an aluminum melting and holding technology which demonstrates net thermal efficiency of 99% (near theoretical limits) and gross thermal input of 322 kcal/kg of aluminum melted (580 BTU/lb); this includes holding losses. Melt loss was found to be less than 0.5%. Crucial to the success of ITM were two technological advancements: high heat flux direct immersion heaters capable of watt densities in excess of 11 W/cm2 (70 W/in2), which provide melting energy, and heated refractory panels known as Baffle and Side Pocket Panels (BSPP), providing 3 W/cm2 (20 W/in2) to maintain molten metal at temperature during non-melting periods.

Since 2006, Apogee Technology and its partners have been engaged in a Department of Energy sponsored project structured to advance the Isothermal Melting Process and its component technologies by demonstrating new strategies for in-plant molten metal management. Some of these include over the road transportation of molten inventory via self-heated ladles, and direct introduction of molten inventory to the casting process without the need for holding furnaces. Apogee Technology controls over 100 patents and is the source of research and innovation in a number of areas outside of process heating, including metal filtration, slab treatment, stirring, non-wetting composite coatings, chlorine generation, and others.

This agreement joins state of the art capabilites from two organizations of the highest caliber with synergies that were previously unrealized. Additional information may be obtained via their respective websites: http://www.apogee-technology.com/ and https://www.termia.net.